Chapter 7. Myths

Photo by Greta Farnedi on Unsplash.

7.1 Types of Myths and Stories

7.2 What is a “myth“?

  • Cultural practices
  • Values and ethical codes
  • Hierarchy of humans and animals
  • Humanity’s relationship with the Gods
  • Relationship between humans and nature

7.3 The Power of Story-Telling

7.4 Coyote

7.5 Native American Creation Myths

7.6 Judeo-Christian Creation Myth

7.7 Control Through Story-Telling

7.8 Placemaking Myths

  • Recall history
  • Build community
  • Explore ethical questions
  • Recall the Earth’s original and ever-changing appearance
  • Remind the listeners that change is inevitable

7.9 “Water Lies With Mud In Open Container”

7.10 Myths in the Modern World

7.11 Myths and Jediism

7.12 Wisdom Through Story-Telling

  • Some believe that wisdom can be learned while others believe that wisdom is something that you are born with
  • Some believe that wisdom only comes from life experience while others believe that wisdom can be gained through academia and/or reading
  • Some believe that wisdom comes through age while others believe that children are, actually, the wisest of us all
  • Willingly admits what he doesn’t understand about the culture he is studying
  • Notes that he will never be able to full grasp the people’s cultural idioms
  • Does not assume that his idea of “common sense” will be applied by everyone; he knows that common sense is culturally specific

7.13 Power and Story-Telling

7.14–7.15 Archeologists Study Myths






Cultural Anthropologist in Los Angeles

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Amanda Zunner-Keating

Amanda Zunner-Keating

Cultural Anthropologist in Los Angeles

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