Culturally Responsive Teaching with NPR

  1. Click on the search bar in the navigation bar (top of the page)
  2. Search for your subject matter (ex: “anthropology”, “biology”, “political science,” etc.)
  3. Identify the radio stories that would augment your course material

NPR Assignment

Listen to this 3-minute NPR story to better understand how anthropologists and archeologists can bring previously marginalized stories to light.

Your Response

Please thoughtfully answer the following questions:

  1. What can anthropology students offer to our field? What unique perspectives can the next generation of anthropologists bring, in your opinion?


❗️Please remember: it is your responsibility to demonstrate a sincere knowledge of the content. Please reply with complete and thoughtful answers that prove — beyond any doubt — that you took the time to complete this important reading.

Academic Integrity

  • The ideas in your response must be your own. Do not take ideas verbatim from any “study” or plagiarism websites.
  • You’re always encouraged to tie in elements from other readings or lessons. If you incorporate ideas from our lectures or other readings, please remember to properly cite the source in-text. If you need help with citations, please refer to Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Length and Content

  • For this assignment, quality is much more important than quantity. You only need to write 1–3 sentences for each question. But, please seriously reflect on the work before drafting your response.
  • Please include at least one in-text citation in this assignment. You can cite this reading, your own outside resources, my lessons, a radio story, etc. Citations need to be academic and reliable.
  • Be sure to practice cultural relativism and refrain from practicing ethnocentrism.
  • Remember to think critically! Examine the evidence presented, consider the speaker, consider the arguments coming from your professor and classmates and, ultimately, decide for yourself!

📹 Video Option: Consider filming your response!


This is reading can earn 20 points. Review the rubric by scrolling to the bottom of this page and viewing the attached rubric.



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