Culturally Responsive Teaching with TikTok

Educational TikTok

  • Our course lectures
  • Any of the readings from the course (be sure to name the author)
  • Any of your own observations, ideas, research (in this case, be sure to connect your own ideas to course material)


  • While you’re welcome to follow a trending format, please do not just lip-sync someone else’s audio and do not copy another TikTokkers video verbatim. You need to develop your own, unique ideas in this video.
  • If you duet another educational TikTok, you need to add something unique to the discussion (do not just react to their points).
  • Wherever possible, cite your sources. You can directly mention the anthropologist’s name in your explanation, of you can write their name on the screen as a caption, etc.

Length and Content

  • There is no required length, but shorter videos typically keep people’s attention better.
  • If you can write and follow a script that is about 5–10 sentences long, that will be sufficient!

Showing Respect

  • Do not use this as an opportunity to disparage others.
  • Videos that include hateful stereotypes, or demeaning language against another community will not be accepted.
  • If you include accurate captions in your video, you’ll earn 10 more points!



What’s the point?

Feeling overwhelmed? Need help?

  • Contact me if you have a question
  • Post questions on the Q&A Board, your classmates will answer them
  • Check the General FAQ page for common questions



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Amanda Zunner-Keating

Amanda Zunner-Keating

Cultural Anthropologist in Los Angeles