Equitable Course Design Through Journal Writing

  1. Go to “People” in the lefthand navigation bar
  2. Create a new group by clicking on “+ Group Set”
  3. Title the new group “Journals”
  4. Under “Group Structure,” split students into 100 groups (if you have more than 100 students, please create 200+ groups)
  5. Your students will be automatically split into private groups where only you and the student are able to see their work
  6. Click on “Discussions” in the lefthand navigation bar and create a new discussion with “+ Discussion”
  7. Create a journal prompt on this discussion board
  8. Check the box “This is a group discussion” and select the group titled “Journals”
  9. Now, your students will be able to reply privately to this discussion board and only you and the student will be able to see their responses

Journal Assignment


  • Is there something in your life that has become unexpectedly political?
  • What is most frequently misunderstood about your political group?
  • How can you better express your group’s ideas using anthropological tools?


Length and Content

  • Please write 3–4, complete and thoughtful sentences.
  • Please directly cite lectures, texts, or other reliable resources whenever relevant.
  • Remember to think critically! Examine the evidence presented, consider the speaker, consider the arguments coming from your professor and classmates and, ultimately, decide for yourself!

📹 Video Option: Consider filming your response!

Academic Integrity

  • The ideas in your response must be your own. Do not take ideas verbatim from any “study” or plagiarism websites.
  • You’re always encouraged to tie in elements from other readings or lessons. If you incorporate ideas from our lectures or other readings, please remember to properly cite the source in-text. If you need help with citations, please refer to Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.).





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Amanda Zunner-Keating

Amanda Zunner-Keating

Cultural Anthropologist in Los Angeles